Amino acid benefits

Amino acid solutions for today's farming challenges

Growers in horticulture, floriculture and agriculture face six broad challenges. To overcome these challenges Aminocore brings natural fertilizers and biostimulation products that are high in available L-amino acids. With our amino acid solutions you can meet high quality and work environmentally friendly.

Which challenge would you like to solve?

Abiotic stress

Reducing stress is one of the best ways to ensure plants are focusing their energy on growth.

Long-term soil destruction

Help plants cope with adverse growing conditions whilst also working on soil improvement and restoring health.

Adapt to climate change

Mitigate the risks of climate change and maintain crop health despite unpredictable weather patterns.

Chemical-residue compliance

Boost crop resilience without spraying chemicals.

Organic certification compliance

Benefit from the growing demand for organic and use solutions that are organic certified.

Return on investment

Grow better yields at lower cost and make your investments go further.

What are the benefits of Aminocore's L-amino acids?

Plants are only able to use L-amino acids, which are suitable for uptake through their foliage or root network. L-amino acids play an important role in the citric acid cycle, also known as the Krebs cycle: a sequence of biochemical reactions by which the plant generates energy for maintenance, growth and production.

Therefore, providing supplemental amino acids through the roots or leaves ensures that the plant has suficient raw materials to produce the important proteins. The resulting proteins and enzymes contribute to the plant’s defense system.

Krebs cycle, also known as citric acid cycle
Stephan Hoving
Stephan Hoving, CEO

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