Stop long-term soil destruction

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Excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers poisons soil and degrades its productivity over time. It leads to less organic matter en microbial life in the soil and a buildup of toxic elements. Slowly plants begin to face a hostile environment. The stress this causes reduces the productivity of plants. Another problem is the higher susceptibility to diseases, resulting in less yield.

How can growers escape this downward spiral of repeatedly needing to use more and stronger fertilizers and pesticides to compensate for deteriorating soil quality? Help plants cope with adverse growing conditions whilst also working on soil improvement and restoring it to a naturally healthy state.

Unlike fertilizers and pesticides made with chemically hydrolyzed amino acids, Aminocore biologically active L-amino acids are not aggressive. Next to this, the Aminocore soil improvement products do not contain D-amino acids, salts and heavy metals that can contribute to soil destruction.

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