Keep your soil in great condition

Solutions to stop long-term soil destruction

The excessive use of pesticides and fertilisers poisons a soil and degrades its productivity over time. Organic matter in the soil gets burned off, microbial life decreases and toxic elements build up. Slowly but surely, plants face an increasingly hostile environment. This adds stress, increases susceptibility to diseases and reduces yields and productivity.

The smart strategy has to be to help plants cope with adverse growing conditions while also trying to restore the soil to a naturally healthy state.

This approach enables growers to escape the downward spiral of repeatedly needing to use more and stronger fertilisers and pesticides to compensate for deteriorating soil quality.

Unlike fertilisers and pesticides made with chemically hydrolysed amino acids, our biologically active L-amino acids are not aggressive in the way they work. They also do not contain the D-amino acids, salts and heavy metals that can contribute to soil destruction.