Boost your crop’s resilience without spraying chemicals

Solutions to comply with chemical-residue standards

Whether you are producing for your home market or export markets, EU and US regulations are increasingly defining the global standard when it comes to chemical residues in agricultural and horticultural crops. And the bottom line is that only no or very limited amounts of chemical residues are acceptable.

At the same time, growers need to safeguard their crops against the ever-present threat of pests, diseases and stress. But just spraying more chemicals is no longer an option – for financial reasons as well as to comply with human and environmental health chemical-residue standards. So farmers need other solutions.

Compared with chemically hydrolysed amino acid products, Aminocore organic fertilisers and biostimulation products contain all the L-amino acids plants need; they cover the 20 standard amino acids that form the building blocks for life. Our products contain 50% more l-amino acids than the next-best products on the market – and up to 10 times as many as one of the leading sellers. By switching to Aminocore products, growers can boost crop resilience to abiotic stress and so reduce their reliance on chemical sprays.