Aminocore natural fertilizers and biostimulation

Plant efficient and environmentally friendly

Aminocore products meet today’s need for high quality and environmentally friendly solutions. Using an exclusive-to-us natural amino acid, our products are more effective and safer than chemically hydrolysed amino acid products. They are also organic, and they contain the highest levels of easily absorbable free amino acids in the market. In fact, in terms of plant nutrition, our products are at least twice as strong in L-amino acids versus conventional, chemically hydrolysed amino acid alternatives. And they are safer too. We call this ‘plant efficient’. Want to know more?

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Solutions for today’s farming challenges

Horticulture, floriculture and agriculture growers face six broad challenges. Our fertilizers and biostimulants, based on natural L-amino acids, meet the increasing demand for high quality and environmentally friendly agricultural solutions. So, what do you want to do?

Aminocore fertilizer and biostimulation products

The products from Aminocore contain more than 20 different, easy to digest and biologically active free amino acids. This much broader and more even amino acid profile enhances plant health, promotes good growth, improves stress resistance and increases crop yield. Our products are also very low in ballast substances such as salts and heavy metals, and contain no phytotoxic substances or components. Our product range covers: