Aminocore BASIC PLUS

Aminocore BASIC PLUS: provide plants with all round extra energy

Aminocore BASIC PLUS is a natural fertiliser containing micro-filtered free amino acids to deliver yields that are higher in quality and quantity.

The natural amino acid in Aminocore BASIC PLUS supports plant maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction by giving them more energy (via the Krebbs cycle) and more resistance. This shows through in improved plant and produce colour, larger leaves, longer roots, more flowers, more fruit and/or larger fruit.

​Aminocore BASIC PLUS can be applied to all types of crops and liquid fertiliser formulations. The best time to apply it is when a crop needs a stimulus. Aminocore BASIC PLUS is also recommended when crops have been subject to adverse conditions and in treatments for plant recovery following critical periods such as transplants and damage due to frost, hail, wind, etc.

The high quality and low levels of ballast substances make Aminocore BASIC PLUS an ideal raw material for private label formulations as well. Aminocore BASIC PLUS is produced in conformity with EU Directives 834/2007 and 889/2008 and is listed on the FiBL Betriebsmittelliste as a natural fertiliser approved for ecological growing. It is an ideal addition to conventional fertiliser and crop protection products.

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  • Increases photosynthesis activity and chlorophyll content
  • Increases plant stress resistance
  • Improves fruit set and quality
  • Improves efficiency of fertiliser and plant protection treatments