Aminocore COMPLEX

Aminocore COMPLEX: increase the stress resistance of high-value plants

Aminocore COMPLEX shares the energy benefits of Aminocore BASIC PLUS, but also includes fulvic acids and plant extracts. This makes it ideal for high-value field crops, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

The natural amino acids in Aminocore COMPLEX supply the plant with energy (via the Krebbs cycle) and increase its resistance to stress situations. The fulvic acid in the product increases the uptake of these amino acids and the plant extracts give the product an antioxidant effect.

This provides the plant with an optimal mix of strength-enhancing and growth-promoting substances to support its maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction. The result is improved plant and produce colour, larger leaves, a finer and more active root system, more flowers and more and/or larger fruits and a healthier crop.

The best time to apply Aminocore COMPLEX is when a crop needs a stimulus. It is also recommended for crops that have been subject to adverse conditions, and in treatments for plant recovery following critical periods such as transplants and damage due to frost, hail, wind, etc.

Aminocore COMPLEX can be applied to leaf vegetables, fruit vegetables, strawberries, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, citrus, olive trees, vines, tropical fruit trees, industrial crops, field crops, etc. Aminocore COMPLEX is produced in conformity with EU Directives 834/2007 and 889/2008 and is listed on the FiBL Betriebsmittelliste as a natural fertiliser approved for ecological growing. It is an ideal addition to conventional fertiliser and crop protection products.

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  • Increases photosynthesis activity and chlorophyll content
  • Increases nutrient uptake and utilisation rate of mineral nutrients
  • Improves efficiency of fertiliser and plant protection treatments
  • Rapid recovery from critical situations
  • Improves fruit set and quality