Give your plants an energy boost

Solutions to reduce abiotic stress

Reducing abiotic stress – stress caused by heat, cold, drought, salinity, etc – is one of the best ways to ensure your plants are focusing their energy on healthy growth instead of simple survival.

Any stress eats into a plant’s energy levels. For plants to resist abiotic stress, to generate enough energy, to stay healthy and to grow, flower and to produce, they need a large variety of amino acids. After all, the building block of life, the genetic code, contains 20 proteinogenic amino acids, not a couple. When you offer plants a limited number of amino acids, the plant has to invest valuable energy in assembling the missing amino acids. This in turn reduces the energy available for other plant growth processes.

Our range of natural L-amino acid products provide plants with the energy boost they need to cope with stress better and so produce to their maximum. Compared with chemically hydrolysed amino acid products, Aminocore organic fertilisers and biostimulation products contain more than twice as much of the L-amino acids plants need, covering the 20 standard amino acids of the genetic code. Aminocore amino acid products also contain the highest levels of easily absorbable free amino acids in the market.