Solutions to reduce abiotic stress

Give plants an energy boost

Reducing stress – caused by heat, cold, drought, salinity, diseases, etc. – is one of the best ways to ensure your plants are focusing their energy on growth rather than survival. Amino acids are the building blocks of life: without them there would not be animal or plants on earth. A plant needs a large variety of amino acids to resist abiotic stress and generate enough energy to stay healthy, to grow, flower and produce.

When a plant is offered a limited number of amino acids, it has to invest valuable energy in assembling the missing amino acids. The plant breaks down existing proteins to make the required amino acids (hydrolysis). This process requires less energy than making amino acids by itself (synthesizing). However, it means the plant is cannibalizing itself, so very harmful!

Therefore, it is recommended to apply Aminocore amino acids before, during and after abiotic stress inducing conditions. This gives plants the building blocks that prevent and repair stress effects and to produce to their maximum.

Compared with chemically hydrolyzed amino acid products, Aminocore organic fertilizers and biostimulation contain more than twice as much of the L-amino acids plants need. Aminocore amino acid products also contain the highest levels of easily absorbable free amino acids in the market.

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