Aminocore AMINOBOR

Aminocore AMINOBOR: correct boron deficiencies and stimulate plant metabolism

Aminocore AMINOBOR shares the energy benefits of Aminocore BASIC PLUS while adding boron to correct boron deficiencies. The amino acids support the maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction of plants. The product gives plants more energy (via the Krebbs cycle) and more resistance, for improved plant and produce colour, larger leaves, longer roots, more flowers, more and/or larger fruit and a generally healthier crop.

Boron plays an important role in the movement and metabolism of sugars in plants, in the lignin formation of cell walls and the synthesis of plant hormones and nucleic acids. As boron is not easily transferred within a plant, Aminocore AMINOBOR is especially helpful during times of maximum boron demand, when a rapid plant response is required. Boron proteinate provides the micronutrient with a high bioavailability and mobility, so increasing fruit set and fruit retention.

Aminocore AMINOBOR can be applied to leaf vegetables, fruit vegetables, strawberries, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, citrus, olive trees, vines, tropical fruit trees, industrial crops, field crops, etc. We recommend foliar application on sensitive crops like grapes and fruit plants during the pre-flowering period to support flowering and fruit setting. Aminocore AMINOBOR is produced in conformity with EU Directives 834/2007 and 889/2008 and is listed on the FiBL Betriebsmittelliste as a natural boron fertiliser approved for ecological growing. It is an ideal addition to conventional fertiliser and crop protection products.

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  • Triple action biostimulant, fertiliser and boron deficiency corrector
  • Promotes fast and efficient leaf penetration and transportation of boron throughout the plant
  • Supports rapid recovery from critical situations
  • Improves fruit set and quality