Aminocore biostimulant products

Aminocore products for crop biostimulation

Agricultural biostimulants are used to improve crop vitality, yields, quality and resistance to abiotic stresses throughout the crop lifecycle. Working differently to fertilisers, biostimulants improve the efficiency of the plant’s metabolism, increase its resistance to abiotic stresses, support the take-up of nutrients, enhance product quality, reduce water requirements and improve soil fertility. Because biostimulants support plant vitality, crop biostimulation is complementary to crop nutrition and crop protection.

Aminocore COMPLEX

All the benefits of BASIC PLUS with fulvic acids for enhanced nutrient uptake and plant extracts that work as an added anti-oxidant. Comes as a liquid. Ideal for high-value field crops, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

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Aminocore HUMICAL

All the benefits of BASIC PLUS with added microbial stimulation to improve plant root-building (thanks to the humic acids). Chelated calcium strengthens plant cell walls and resistance. Comes as a liquid. Ideal for growing vegetables and flowers in regions with salinity problems and really extreme conditions.

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