Aminocore products

Aminocore fertiliser and biostimulation products

Aminocore products contain more than 20 different, easy to digest and biologically active free amino acids. This much broader and more even amino acid profile enhances plant health, promotes good growth, improves disease resistance and increases crop yield. Our products are also very low in ballast substances such as salts and heavy metals, and they contain no phytotoxic substances or components. Our product range covers:

Aminocore HUMICAL

All the benefits of BASIC PLUS with added microbial stimulation to improve plant root-building (thanks to the humic acids). Chelated calcium strengthens plant cell walls and resistance. Comes as a liquid. Ideal for growing vegetables and flowers in regions with salinity problems and really extreme conditions.

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Aminocore AMINOCAL

All the benefits of BASIC PLUS with added calcium that is delivered quickly to correct calcium deficiencies fast. Comes as a liquid. Ideal for all crops that suffer from a lack of calcium.

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